Allergy Advisor
How can Allergy Advisor help busy practises
deal with allergies and intolerances?
  • Struggling to remember every substance present in a food that may result in adverse reactions?
  • Unsure how many different foods or non-food items contain the same substance?
  • Don't know whether the substance is an allergen, a naturally occurring chemical or an additive? Is there a cross-reactive element?
  • Having a problem matching the patterns of hypersensitivity to or intolerance of various foods or substances found in foods?
  • Need some interesting background information on food, additives or preservatives?

This database is your solution, an important
assessment and management tool for health professionals.

Features include:
  • Allergen background and adverse reactions
  • Occupational allergens
  • Family relationships and cross-reactions
  • Additives & preservatives; adverse reactions: background, foods containing each
  • Hidden allergens
  • Naturally occurring substances in food, e.g., histamine, tyramine, caffeine
  • Substance levels in food
  • E number codes
  • Botanical/taxanomical relationships
  • Photos and images of fruit, vegetables, trees, grass, etc.
  • Customizable free-from diet sheets
  • Elimination/exclusion diet instructions
  • Diary form and instructions
  • Pattern search for common constituents, crossreactivity or family
  • Glycaemic levels, customizable print-outs and calculator
  • Phytochemicals
  • Panallergens
  • Occupational Exposure
  • And more...

  What does this program do?
Designed with a simple interface, this program is easy to use. Input the food in question and a list comes up of substances found in that food and their possible risks. Click on one of these substances and see foods associated with it; click on another and continue till the cause has been narrowed down or identified.


The data includes:

  • Allergens: food, tree, grass, animal, and others,
  • Food families,
  • Cross-reactions,
  • Additives,
  • Preservatives,
  • Food resulting in pharmacological reactions,
  • Food with naturally occuring substances causing adverse reactions,
  • Uncommon terms for allergens "hidden" in manufactured products,
  • Salicylate, iodine, lactose, tyramine levels in various foods,
  • RAST codes,
  • E numbers (for Europe),
  • Molds and fungi,
  • Links to useful food-related Web site pages,
  • And more ....


Does the program include only foods?
Due to the nature of cross-reactivity, the program was extended to include all allergens, including tree and weed pollens, mite allergens, and allergens occurring in consumer items, such as soaps and toiletries. The program also covers other naturally occurring substances, and additives and preservatives, particularly those responsible for adverse reactions.


Who is the author?
The program has been designed by Dr. Harris Steinman. His field is allergy and asthma, and specifically preservatives and additives. His research work in this field has been published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Allergy Proceedings, Current Allergy and Immunology, the South African Medical Journal, and other journals. He is an advisor to Department of Health on food legislative issues and was a consultant to the Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on "hidden" food allergens.


Will the data not become outdated?
No. The program includes the latest information, and can be updated free via our Website or by taking out a maintenance contract.


Any other questions?
Email your questions to Zing Solutions