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We offer users of Allergy Advisor two free monthly services:
  • Access to our newsletters
  • Access to a list of journal contents from all allergy related journals.

  Allergy Advisor Digest

Every day interesting reactions, changes and information is being found and added to the program. Although we add a great deal of information every month, in the Allergy Advisor Digest (previously called "newsletters") we will only highlight some of the more interesting articles added.

The Allergy Advisor Digest starts from January 2004 and can be accessed here or by clicking on the menu bar at the top of the page.

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  Allergy Advisor Journal Contents
For the first time anywhere on the Web, we have consolidated all the contents listing of all allergy related journals, both printed and online versions, in one single place for rapid scanning by those involved in this field.

The Journal Contents Listing can be accessed here or by clicking on the menu bar at the top of the page.

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  Allergy Advisor Educational Review
FACTS has brought out a free monthly Educational Review of allergy and intolerance which is distributed via e-mail, aimed at supporting health professionals in their endevour to assess and manage allergies and intolerances. The newsletter is compiled by Karen du Plessis, a registered dietitian and edited by Dr. Harris Steinman (South Africa), Prof. Janice Joneja (Canada) and Sabine Spiesser (Australia).

The Educational Review can be accessed here.

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  Allergy Advisor Food Matters

Food Matters is a free monthly newsletter distributed via e-mail, that will focus on a different allergen or other substance each month and will be packed with information to enhance the education of the food industry in allergen backgrounds, detection, and exclusion, along with relevant labeling regulations. We will link in one newsletter worldwide trends, laws and new products.

The newsletter is compiled by Maritza van Dyk and edited by Dr. Harris Steinman (South Africa).


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