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We guarantee our software and our service.

Data updates will be regularly available free via the Internet. However, as these updates have become very large, we offer a subscription service through which we can mail the updates to you.

If dissatisfied with this software product you may claim a full refund within 30 days of purchase. All we require is the return of the original CD and a signed letter confirming removal of any installation of the software and destruction of any backup copy made.

Computer / Software Requirments:


  • 486 Mz Computer, or more recent.
  • 8 MB RAM or more
  • Windows NT, Windows2000, or WindowsXP

    If Microsoft Office Professional or Access2003 is installed on your computer: approximately 100 MB hardrive space

  • If Access 2003, or Microsoft Office Professional of these versions is not installed on your computer: 100 MB hardrive space plus 60 MB for the Access Runtime (see below)


Allergy Advisor has not been specifically designed for the Apple/Mac computer range. We have been informed that Allergy Advisor will function on the Macinctosh while Windows 95 or 98 is running in pc emulation using programs such as "SoftWindows95" and "VirtualPC". We have not tested this ourselves.


The price of Allergy Advisor varies depending on the country you reside in. (Postage, customs duty, etc., vary.) Please contact the appropriate agent below.


One of the major new developments in Allergy Advisor is that we have divided the program into two versions. The first version is called Allergy Advisor and the second Allergy Advisor EX (Expanded).

We have divided the program so that those healthcare professionals using Allergy Advisor only occasionally can purchase the program at an affordable price and get all the information they need. For those professionals whose main focus is allergy, Allergy Advisor EX will provide expanded information for the assessment and management of allergy and intolerance patients.

An overview of what the two versions include:

For a Demo, Enquiries, or Orders:


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Send an email for details.

Any queries or problems will be fully and quickly addressed.
Please contact us through our email address or telephone/fax.


Fax enquiries to:
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