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This screen presents information on possible cross-reactivity of the food being investigated

Read more about Concomitant Clinical Sensitivity (CCS)

A ticked box on the left indicates that an abstract for this article is available and a double click in the record will open a window listing the contents of the abstract.

You can also view the cross-reactions in detail or in summary form by clicking on the summary or details button as shown below.

Using the CCS Co-sensitization/Co-sensitization by country buttons


  • On the Items, Substance & Allergens Menu, type in Pine.
  • Select Pine tree/Norwegian Pine tree
  • Go to the Cross-reactions menu tab
  • The summaries that appear are all the summaries on CCS-related to Pine tree excluding co-sensitization. This is to focus the user on the most relevant data.


By clicking on the co-sensitization button on the CCS option panel, you bring up all related Pine tree co-sensitization-related summaries.


By clicking on Co-sensitization by Country button the following screen appears.


By selecting a country, e.g., Italy, you can now view only summaries on Pine tree co-sensitization for that country

By clicking on All Co-sensitization for Italy, all the co-sensitization summaries for Italy, e.g., every allergen, in addition to Pine tree, will be displayed.

If no co-sensitization information for a particular substance in a particular country appears, All Co-sensitization for [Country name] will still bring up general co-sensitization information.