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Food exclusion diet sheets for patients are an important part of Allergy Advisor.

The Allergy Advisor diet sheets follow a two-tier approach: built-in guidelines for common diets, and personalization. Changes can be made to add text or you can develop your own new diet sheets. The personalization of diet sheets loaded in Allergy Advisor will be saved, but a simple click on the Reset button will load the original content.

The list of foods that may contain the selected food or substance is drawn from Allergy Advisor and cannot be edited, but you are able to add your own items to a separate window allowing personalisation.

A. Selecting a pre-designed diet sheet:

  • Select a predesigned diet sheet from the list box on the top left hand side of the screen.
  • You may edit this text or print as presented.

The Restricted Specific tab and Other tab includes:

  • A list of terms that may be used on food labels to identify the substance or food
  • Substitutes that can replace the food
  • Reminders for you or your patient of other important management strategies that will be required, e.g., obtaining a Medic Alert bracelet
  • Vitamin supplements that you may need to consider

B. Adding new diet sheets


Adding a new diet is a simple affair. Click on the Add button, and enter the name of your diet sheet into the window that appears. Substances can be selected from the drop-down lists, in which case all information in Allergy Advisor will be linked. The drop-down fields can be left open if you do not want to link to any data captured in Allergy Advisor for your own designed diet list.

Allergy Advisor saves any personalization to your hard drive, allowing you to append previous diet sheets to Allergy Advisor when updates are loaded.

When creating a new diet sheet, only diet-information from a pre-existing diet-sheet, e.g., wheat, egg, will be included for appending to your new diet sheet. For example,  there is no diet information for orange, thus no diet-information will be appended and you will have to create your own text. (The diet-sheet will however extract items containing orange in the "restricted specific" category.)

C. Combining Diet sheets:

  • Click the Add button
  • Enter a name for your new diet sheet
  • Choose from the drop-down box the items from Allergy Advisor you would like to have in your diet sheet. Allergy Advisor will then amalgamate the data of these items into a new diet sheet, including any text of any pre-designed diet sheet for the items you have selected (where available).
  • Save the diet sheet and you will be asked if you would like to amalgamate the text of these diets.
  • Clicking "Yes" will fuse the information.
  • You will be asked to check the amalgamated text as conflicting advice may be present

The diet sheets can be used in the following ways:

  • Use the pre-designed diet sheet with or without changing existing text.  
  • Create your own diet sheet using items from the drop-down list. Data will be extracted from Allergy Advisor and inserted into the diet sheet.  
  • Create your own diet sheet not linked to Allergy Advisor data. In this case, do not choose an item from the drop-down list.  
  • Combine one or more pre-designed diet sheets. Text present in the pre-designed diet sheets will be appended to your new sheet.

You can delete, amend or add diet sheets at any stage. Allergy Advisor also saves entered items to your system so that they are imported into any Allergy Advisor updates that you receive!

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