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The Glycaemic Index has been included in Allergy Advisor for use by individuals with diabetes, sports-people, overweight individuals, and those with glucose intolerance.

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You can search the Glycaemic Index by GI bread value or GI glucose value.

To printout a list of selected foods in a glycaemic range, click on print and enter the values you require. For example, values of 0 and 170 can be entered into the boxes below.


Customizing Patient Instructions for printing reports.

You can further customize your glycaemic lists by preventing the printing of a choice of items. Merely click in the "don't print" box.

Want to add your own items?
Click on the Add button. A window as shown below will open. Add any item to a category from the drop down box.  You may enter a GI Bread value or GI Glucose value, and Allergy Advisor will calculate the alternative value.

The window shown above will list all items entered by yourself. You can delete, amend or add at any stage. Allergy Advisor also saves your entered items to your system so that they are imported into any Allergy Advisor updates you receive.

Glycaemic Index Calculator

Select any item from the drop down list and enter the recipe item weight.
The program will then calculate the approximate GI, the protein, CHO, fat and fibre for the entire recipe.
You can view by GI bread or GI glucose value.

  NB. In the Item drop down box, if asterisk is missing from the right of the item, this indicates that a nutrient value is missing and that this may influence the GI calculation.

You can also add or change nutrient values.

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