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Before you clicked on histamine in the constituent panel, the screen looked as shown below.

Constituents that may be found in tomato are shown in the constituent panel on the right. If adverse reactions to a constituent have been documented in the literature, this will be indicated by a value in the "Risk" box. A value of between zero (0) and five (5) has been given each constituent, indicating the risk that the constituent will result in adverse reactions. Zero indicates no risk, and five indicates maximum risk. Risk assessment is, however, complex. For example, a constituent like alcohol may be toxic in its pure form, but if its presence in a foodstuff is extremely low, the risk may be categorized as 0, whereas the panallergen Chitinase is always a major risk and is categorized as 4 or 5. It must also be borne in mind that any given patient may be more susceptible than usual even to a low-rated constituent. Each assessment of risk is an estimate, and users may differ in their assessments of the relative risk of a particular constituent.

Clicking on a constituent will change the window to display information about that constituent being examined as demonstrated below:


You can now view the Found In, Background, Adverse Reactions and Reference tabs for more information on histamine.

In basic terms, you will be searching back and forth around a food or substance to identify a pattern, and in doing so you aim to find a cause for the adverse reaction your patient experienced.

A word of caution!
Reactions to a constituent of a food may be included in the "Adverse Reactions" tab of that constituent rather than under the heading of the food in question. For example, in the box above, the majority of adverse effects due to tomato are allergic reactions and will be documented in the "Adverse Reactions" tab when doing a search for "tomato", whereas adverse effects due to its constituent, histamine, will be found when searching on "histamine".

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