Allergy Advisor  

Allergy Advisor is user-friendly and largely self-explanatory.
No special computer expertise is required.

Use this tutorial to get you up and running more quickly!

We will be going through this tutorial as if we were actually using Allergy Advisor.

Allergy Advisor is primarily an assessment and secondly a management tool.
These functions are accessed through the Main Menu.

Main Menu: Search Allergy Advisor for a food, plant, allergen, substance, preservative or additive, its background information, Adverse Reactions, Pattern Search, Cross-reactions and Family Members.

Codex: (Only available if you have purchased the Allergy Advisor Codex Version). Helps determine the permissible usage and level of an additive or preservative as specified in the Codex Standards.

Substances Menu: Lists of levels of various substances in food, Glycemic Index with calculator, Oxalate and Purine levels with calculators, and Phytochemicals.

Assessment Menu: Definitions and Glossary, Differential Diagnosis lists, Specific Conditions (Oral Allergy Syndrome, etc.), Specific Occupations, Assessement Forms and Guides, and Photos and Images.

Management Menu: Free-from Diet Sheets, Substitutes and Recipes, Hidden Allergens, and Patient Information Sheets.

Search & WWW Menu: Search all data in the program, Search Abstracts, Search E-numbers, link to the best articles on the Internet.

Other Menu: Practise details for letterheads, add practise logo, update data components, various feedback mechanisms.

In most instances your use of this program will be focused on the
Item, Substances & Allergens
button of the Main Menu,

Now, the tutorial!

Allergy Advisor Tutorial Allergy Advisor Tutorial


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Allergy Advisor Tutorial