Allergy Advisor  

This screen lists the various panallergens and their associations with plants and foods.

Various features allow the user to examine relationships of the panallergens and plants/foods.



To obtain more information on a specific panallergen you will click on the panallergen headings as above.


For more information on a plant/food:
Click on the plant/food (shown on the left) to obtain more information.

To examine a selected group of plants/foods:
To examine a selected group of plants or foods, click on the tick box on the left of the item to select the item, then click on the "Filter Marked" button (below) to filter the selection. Click the "Show All" button to un-filter the selection.



Click on the buttons (shown above) to filter the selected panallergen.


To view the reference, click on the tick box indicating the presence of the panallergen as shown on the left.

The Click to Reset for New Updated Data button will appear following the updating of the Allergy Advisor data. By clicking this button, it will update the Panallergens table with the latest information.

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