Allergy Advisor  

This screen allows you to perform a search for a pattern shared between the various foods entered.

Enter 1 to 3 foods or substances that you want to find the common elements of, as demonstrated below.


The window below (found above the Pattern Search entry window shown above) allows you to narrow down relevant items. For example, with the top box clear, over 4,000 items will be listed in the box in the second row. By typing in "Tomato" in the first row of box, only items with the word "tomato" present will be listed in the second row box.


If the food items entered have common constituents, they will be listed in the "constituents" box, and likewise for food families and cross-reactions. Click on the "members" or "view" buttons for more information. By clicking on "1+2", "1+3", etc., you can view the common elements (constituents, family, and cross-reactions) of the entered items 1+2, 1+3, etc.

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